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Ekagrid Foundation is a Section 8 company in India. We aim to build a multidisciplinary research university in India that, by 2050, will be in the Top 25 of global rankings and whose faculty and alumni win global awards such as the Nobel Prize and Turing Award. The mission of the planned Ekagrid University is to solve problems that matter to society and industry, create new knowledge, spur innovation and entrepreneurship, up-skill and reskill professionals, and prepare students for their careers, lives, and life-long learning.

In early 2018, an exceptional group of over 20 leaders in academia, business, and start-ups came together to plan and build this university. They are based in India, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and the US, and bring wisdom, experiences, and access to a vast network of additional experts to build Ekagrid. The team now includes over 60 leaders and professionals, who are alumni of and affiliated with 11 of the top 25 research universities in the world and bring over 600 years of full-time experience in top higher education institutions from around the world.

After close to three years of dedicated efforts, planning, and engaging with stakeholders, we are now poised to launch Ekagrid in 2022. We have: 

For Phase 1 of the university, we are raising US$100 million / INR 750 Cr. in philanthropic funding to launch the university and build its Global Institute for Artificial Intelligence. For philanthropists, there are several opportunities available for naming. We have started receiving funding commitments and we expect to secure the necessary funding to commence operations by 2022.

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